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Here’s Why Carpeting is Great!
All the pros of carpet:

Quieter than hard surface flooring
It’s quieter than other types of flooring
Wide selection of colors & patterns
Adds warmth and it feels good when you walk on it barefoot
Usually well priced and low installation cost
Easy to install on almost any subfloor
Compared to other floor materials, carpet is the softest and warmest. It also dampens sound in the room where it’s installed.

You’ll want to consider where you’re installing carpet, and how it will be used. Things like whether or not it’s close to a door and how many people will walk on it every day will play a role in deciding the best type of carpet for you.

Modern carpeting is even better at resisting stains and lasts longer than in the past. There are several types of carpet, of which berber, patterned, and textured saxonies are among the more popular. This is because they’re great at hiding traffic patterns. Not only has carpet durability come a long way, but so has carpet padding – a key element in keeping your carpet looking good and lasting long.